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Nick Cudworth Gallery

Welcome to the Nick Cudworth Gallery


Rooftops and Spires, Landscape Print

Rooftops and Spires, 51cm x 38cm (20" x 15")

Landscape Prints

Modern Times, Life Drawing Print

Modern Times 158cm x 490cm (62" x 36")

Life Drawing Prints

Heartbreak Hotel, Music Print

Heartbreak Hotel 79cm x 46cm (31" x 18")

Music Prints

Chesterfield, Still Life Print

Chesterfield 36cm x 28cm (14" x 11")

Still Life Prints

Graphics student, postman, blues/rock musician, a stint working in a geriatric hospital and years creating artwork for advertising – Bath artist Nick Cudworth has had a colourful working life.

“I didn’t come to art from a fine art background, and having been involved with it from many different kinds of areas, I am like a hybrid that is outside of the system. I am actually an outsider. I like that.”

Nick’s style of artistic realism has wide parameters, playing with layers and dimensions, incorporating portraits, landscapes and still life. He opened his own gallery in Bath in 1999 as an exhibition space and studio and has shown in galleries throughout the world, including London, Milan, Winnipeg and New York.

My work with oil paints is constantly changing, because skies are involved. The definition of the buildings against the sky sets the pattern for the sky. The windows are put on last with pure, transparent Indian yellows which are really vibrant. The only way you can do that is by glazing, not painting.

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