Bath City Paintings

Beautifully designed by award-winning designer Howard Brown the book, signed by the artist, includes works by Nick Cudworth from 1996 to 2014 and detailed texts by the artist to accompany the full colour reproductions. Many people have painted Bath’s iconic buildings, but few have imbued them with the sense of drama they so eloquently demand.


Leafing through this eclectic selection of images, there can be no doubt that Nick Cudworth has not only taken up the challenge but given it a unique twist. From the interplay of light and shade to quasi-voyeuristic glimpses of hidden lives played out behind veiled windows, he is the master of the nuance, the ambiguity of the half seen, and the crepuscular borderland between reality and illusion. Nowhere is this borderland more explicit than in his paintings of paintings, where the spirit of Magritte hovers ineluctably in the background, in the same way that Hitchcock’s Rear Window – and all the subsequent cinematic homages to it – hovers in the background of his studies of lighted windows.


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